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General server overview

The eBioKit consists of multiple server applications hosted on the same machine. All of the ensembl servers and the biomart server is hosted by different instances of Apache and some of the other server applications just behind a proxy. Due to the coding of the ensembl servers, they can't be behind a proxy server. For that reason, it's only possible to access the servers by their IP and port number

Service Accessed by
BioMart http://IP/biomart/martview
EnsEMBL http://IP:8012/ or http://IP/cgi/
EnsEMBL - Bacteria http://IP:8020/ or http://IP/cgi/
EnsEMBL - Fungi http://IP:8021/ or http://IP/cgi/
EnsEMBL - Metazoa http://IP:8022/ or http://IP/cgi/
EnsEMBL - Plants http://IP:8023/ or http://IP/cgi/
EnsEMBL - Protists http://IP:8024/ or http://IP/cgi/
Galaxy http://IP/galaxy
MRS http://IP/mrs
NCBI Blast http://IP/blast/blast_cs.html
Start page http://IP
Wiki page (this site) http://IP/wiki

Hardware setup
The machine that runs the servers are a Mac mini connected to an external hard-drive connected by FireWire.

  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard Server
  • 4Gib DDR3 RAM
  • 3.6 Tib external hard-drive