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Blast on eBioKit and MRS

(Basic Local Alignment Search Tool)

Teacher: Hans-Henrik Fuxelius

Introduction to MRS in eBioKit

The eBioKit contains a standalone version of MRS that has a local database of swissprot and an enzyme database. You can always reach MRS from the front page of eBioKit.

The intention of MRS is to be the one stop for retrieving and searching information from different biological databases in the same sense as google has been for searching the internet for information. High throughput studies and massively parallel hardware allow today's experimentalists to collect data at a mind boggling rate. Data growth has always been exponential, not just the last few years. Look, for example, at the growth of the EMBL nucleotide database:

EMBL growth

Volume of the EMBL nucleotide database as function of time. It looks as if the database only started growing around 1999. But that is a generic property of exponential curves. If we look in 2010, we will think that growth really only started in 2004!!! So, we need to deal with massive amounts of data, but at the same time, we want to extract data about just one molecule of interest, and we want that quickly and easily. MRS is an wonderful tool to get started and exploring new sequences!